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Q. What happens if it rains after Venture Concrete leaves?

We always check the radar before we leave, and if we think rain is coming soon, we will stay to protect your project. Your job is safe from rain within approximately two hours, if not, we will make arrangements or provide you with care instructions to protect your concrete. Usually, the only exceptions to the “Two-Hour Rule” is a drip line, due to no gutters on the house and/or heavy rain. A side note – We do our best to predict rain, but this is not a foolproof system. Venture Concrete is not responsible for weather related cosmetic blemishes. We promise to do our best as professionals based on present circumstances.

Q. When can I walk on my new concrete?

To be safe, it is good to wait until the following late morning or afternoon to walk on the new concrete. As for pets (due to sharp nails), I suggest waiting until the following evening. For outdoor furniture, wait two days to prevent surface scratches.

Q. When can I drive on my driveway?

In warm temps wait four days. In cooler temps wait five days. For RVs or similar vehicles, please wait seven days.

Q. Why does my new concrete have “blotches or bluish discoloration?”

This is part of the normal curing process and more prominent in the cooler months when curing is a slower process. It will cure, and typically in no more than 5-10 days it will be the normal color of concrete. The discoloration is just part of the curing process with the additives in concrete like “Slag” (a byproduct of metal production) and “Fly Ash” (a byproduct of coal production). These byproducts take the place of a portion of the cement to create a blend.

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